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Kenmore 10-Piece Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set

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Good Value


If your looking for good quality, long lasting pots and pans, these are it. They look even better in person then the images. Good cooking with out the sticky mess and scraping. Doesn't Stick There is no need for scraping food off the pan. The food just glides of on to the plate. I love it. Ease of Handling Love the handle. Doesn't heat up and burn your hand. Has a great grip to it. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean. Usually just use a soft sponge and soap and it does the trick. Design Love the design and color. The pots and pans are great sizes and good are for no matter what you are cooking. It's a very pretty and slick design. You won't be disappointed. Durability So far so good. I've had them for over 6 months and they are the best ever. They have not turned dark and dingy like some pots usually do.



Cooking With These Makes Cooking A Breeze


I received this wonder 10 piece set of Kenmore Non Stick Cookware as a gift and I absolutely love it! You can tell it is of excellent quality as soon as you see it. The handles are securely riveted and the finish of these pans is beautifully done. Being red in color, these attractive pieces set the warm look in any kitchen. The pans and fry pans are heavy made and the design of these overall is made very well. I am glad I got these as a gift as I have been using them every day since I received them. I love the minature aluminum strainer with the red handles. Absolutely adorable and so handy for me to use. This Kenmore Cookware is non-stick so it makes clean up a breeze. Being sure to let them cool down gradually before submerssion in water helps to prevent warping of the pans. I also use my wooden spoons and spatulas to prevent taking up any of the teflon coating. The pans are made of heavy aluminum to provide an even heating as you cook your meals. Outside of these pans are colored in a red enamel to enhance them. Glass lids accompany this set and are topped with red square knobs bearing the Kenmore name. The design of the knobs are easy to grasp when cooking. The cookware is designed to be able to go in your oven up to 350 degrees which is a nice plus. The pans were ready to use once I peeled the inner lables off and gave them a fast wash and dry. They are able to stack within each other to minimize the storage needed for the set. I have already used a fry pan, small sauce pan, larger sauce pan and the small strainer and have loved using them as they are easy to use and easy to clean. I am sure I will be using this set every day and I do recommend it if you are searching for a new set of cookware. Kenmore did a wonderful job in creating this for my household. Doesn't Stick The interior of these pans is made of nonstick aluminum. Recommended to cook on medium of low heat so your not ruining the pans. Heat Distribution Excellent heat distribution because it is made of heavy aluminum which allots for even heating during any cooking process. Recommended to cook on medium or low heat to prevent warping that can happen to your pans. Ease of Handling A little heavy but can still be handled well. Ease of Cleaning Very easy cleanup as the pans are coated to provide that for you. In the brochure it tells you not to put in cold water, but to wait for the pans to cool down first to prevent warping of them. Design Love the design and it is so practicable. Bright red colored enamel finish. Durability Riveted handles with the rubberized grips so it lasts you for the money.

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Kenmore 10-Piece Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set

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