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Kathy Ireland
Kathy Ireland Manual Treadmill

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Solid Manual Treadmill Option


I've owned a few different manual treadmill models mostly because regular models are much too heavy to move. This particular model I discovered while shopping online and it was delivered pre-assembled in a giant box. It was easy to unpack and set up and I like that I can move it around easily if need be. It functions just as do most manual treadmills but I've found that it's a bit more difficult to get started on this model. You really, really have to work at it to get it started, but once you do you move along nicely. What is different with this manual model versus an electric one is that you provide all the power. There is no walking along mindlessly. You really have to work to take each step. You have to concentrate on what you're doing so you really can't watch television or anything while you're walking since it takes a lot of concentration. I have never managed more than a medium fast walk on this. I certainly would never imagine using it for running. I'm not even sure it could be done! This is also not for beginners. You need quite a bit of leg strength to even get the belt moving, let alone keep it moving. Overall, this is a good option if you're specifically looking for a manual treadmill.

Vernon Rockville, CT


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a workout!


I really wanted to get me a treadmill so that I could start getting back into shape. I bought a  Kathy Ireland manual treadmill that was manual. I thought to myself this is going to be pretty good and get me in shape fast cause you have to do it yourself. Well I was wrong to me it is harder to work out on it because you wear out a lot faster then what you do with an electric one. I think you should already be in shape before you even start on it. LOL I really would say that if you think that its a good thing for you then go for it and hope you enjoy it. It really does work and it doesn't take long on it to get into shape you just really need to be motivated.!

Mitchell, IN


Kathy Ireland Manual Treadmill

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