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Kalencom  5 Piece Diaper Bag Gift Set

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convenient, cost effective


Got this item at a very low cost in my eyes compared with all the other diaper bags out there. Love the big bag for longer travels and the small one for short trips. It comes with a changing pad that I have used so many times. It's very easy to clean just wipe it down after every use. the bottle insulter has come in handy too.

Lincoln, NE


I really have enjoyed my Kalencom 5 piece Diaper Bag Set


I really have enjoyed my Kalencom 5 piece Diaper Bag Set. I have the one pictured except I have a little boy so mine is brown with green. I have really got a lot of use out of this diaper bag. I like that I have a big bad I can pack all his stuff in for daycare and longer trips or just to leave in the car and I have a smaller bag that I can put the necessities in and just carry it with me. I have used the little cooler area that comes with this set to keep bottles cold and bottles warm. I think it could do a better job but it serves its purpose for short amounts of time. I like that it comes with the mat to lay my baby on when changing him. I don't know how many times I have gotten some where and had to change a diaper and not had a blanket to lay under him. The side of my bag did rip out at a seam but I was told I could take it back and trade it, I just haven't had time. It is still very usable and doesn't bother me that bad. I think it was very cost efficient!!

Versailles, KY


Momma's Brand New Bag!


My name is Rachael and **I** **am** an *over*packer. If I had it my way, I'd U-Haul the nursery... The **Kalencom 5 Piece Diaper Bag Set** includes the following pieces : -The main diaper bag -The "Parents Essentials Tote"-A fold over case with 4 mesh pockets, closes with ribbon -A zippered bottle holder made from 3M Thinsulate  -A large (waterproof) changing pad, closes with ribbons *All Kalencom accessories are made from stain, fade, and water resistant material. **Let's Talk Tote Bags:** The **primary bag** has a zip closure and the interior walls are lined with mesh pockets. The bag measures 20 inches at the opening, 11 inches high, and 10 inches squared at the base. The generous dimensions make it roomy and convenient to carry. The shape is triangular and narrows at the base, enabling the bag to open outward. The **Parents Essentials Mini Tote** is a miniature replica of the primary bag, it's more of a novelty item then anything else (my daughter "pretends" it's *her* purse).The **bottle bag** is made from lightweight 3M Thinsulate and has a strap for hanging. The bag easily holds 3 bottles at any temperature for approximately 3-5 hours. The **fold over/catch** **all**, is intended for diapering essentials.The **changing pad** is roomy, my two year old fits squarely on the mat with bonus thigh room to spare. One side of the mat is padded in waterproof vinyl, the reverse is covered in soft microfiber. The pad folds in on itself, thus preventing icky "infestations" inside your awesome *new* bag! **Fabulously Full:** When my daughter was an infant I was able to fit 2 outfits, diapers (plus wipes case), and a considerable collection of toys/teethers, bibs, burp cloths, 2 extra bottles, and "mommies things", all neatly divided between the six mesh pockets. There was *still* leftover room for the changing pad, the carry all, and the bottle bag. I pack lighter these days, but there's still ample room for storage. The bag washes/dries nicely using the "delicate" cycle and comes out great every time. I'm so glad I found the **Kalencom 5 Piece Bag Set...**It was the perfect "fill", for my diaper bag "ills".



Kalencom 5 Piece Diaper Bag Gift Set

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