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KIT Industries
KIT Industries Porc-a-fix Porcelain Touch-Up Glaze

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Repairs chips in porcelain sinks


I was thrilled when we purchased an expensive Kohler porcelain sink. But mere months after installing it a bottle fell out of our medicine cabinet and chipped a thumb size chip out of the edge of the sink. I figured I'd give this touch up glaze a try, it couldn't look worse than it already did. It is easy to use, much like painting your finger nails. It does have a strong smell, so I made sure the bathroom fan was running while I applied it. It's best to start with a thin layer, let it dry, and then add additional layers until you get the chip filled in so that it is equal to the height of the rest of the area, in this case the sink. I was pretty happy with the results, although it still looks like a patch. What I don't like is that the directions said to sand it down, probably to make sure the repair was the same level as the rest of the sink, but sanding it removed the gloss and left scratch marks in the patch, which really look unnatural to me. With practice I think this product could really do a great job in repairing chipped porcelain.

Eagle River, AK


KIT Industries Porc-a-fix Porcelain Touch-Up Glaze

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