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K&N - Reuseable/washable Air Filter

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I would buy this product again


I bought this item for my Nissan Maxima and I love it you can definitely feel the better response to your veichle

Harwich Massachusetts


Added horsepower!!


My jeep was needing a new air filter and I was wanting to get some extra horsepower out of that old motor so I purchased the K&N washable air filter. Instantly I noticed improved throttle performance and the best part is when it gets dirty you can wash it out and reuse it.



Love this filter!


I recently purchased a Jeep Patriot. It gets about 22mpg average. It's a 4.0L CVT engine so it makes some unusual noises. It sounds like a wind up toy sometimes. It's just not something I'm use to hearing from an engine. I purchased a K&N washable air filter and what a difference it has made! My SUV now averages about 24mpg. It's not a huge difference, but over time that will add up. The engine is much quieter! It still makes those wind up noises but they are not nearly as noticeable! It also slightly enhanced my engines performance. The engine just seems to shift better now. The best part about K&N is I'll never have to buy another air filter again. It's covered by warranty and last a lifetime. It's easy to clean too. It really pays for itself in just a short amount of time. It's definitely worth the small investment in the long run. There's nothing negative I can say about the K&N reusable washable air filter.

Fair Play, SC


K&N Reuseable/Washable Air Filter


K&N products are known for high performance parts, have never purchased any parts from this company before until now, I bought this washable/reuseable air filter as it was recommended online for high performance engines, this air filter will help boost performance save gas, and keep your engine much cooler than ordinary type paper filters. So far I have noticed an increase in power and some savings on fuel consumption, the car that this filter is installed on is a 2000 mustang base coupe 3.8 L engine, normally this engine has quick pickup, but have notice much more with this filter, gas mileage normally before this air filter was installed was about 29-30 miles per gallon on the highway, about 20-21 city, I have noticed a small increase in miles per gallon both highway and city driving. I am very happy with the performance of this air filter so far.

Rosamond, CA


K&N - Reuseable/washable Air Filter

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