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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson 4x4 Gauze Pads +2 (2x3) Non-stick Pads

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Johnson & Johnson 4 x 4 Gauze Pads


I'm not a doctor, a pediatrician or a nurse, I'm just a mum with two young boys who frequently have the need for first aid and basic medical attention. I have a first aid kit which doesn't consist of much, however these little gauze pads are a must have for any amateur first aider. Firstly, they are sterile gauze pads already cut to size, which, in the moment of crisis, is imperative. They apparently have 'quick-loc' technology which absorbs fluids in 1 second! They are hospital grade so there is no fear of any 'mickey-mouse' technology in this product. In my opinion, they work best with a little antibacterial ointment and some paper tape which adheres beautifully but is painlessly removeable. Johnson & Johnson produce a fabulous array of products which, with the added incentive of coupons regularly placed in the Sunday papers, makes them an inexpensive addition to any first aid box.



Worked great to help heal!


I bought Johnson & Johnson's Non stick Hospital grade pads to cover our tattoo's when we first got them. These pads are great for keeping dirt and germs out of wounds. They will not stick to your wound either. They are great for minor cuts and scrapes, even minor burns. They have an anti leak core that absorbes fluids in 1 second. I keep these around now just in case someone needs a bigger badage, they work great!

In the sun, FL


great protection gauze pads


When it come to Johnson and Johnson I feel I am using a sterilized brand and one that is often used and recommended in hospitals when patients leave. I have notice recently that some bandages are not made wide enough to cover certain cuts or possible a burn and so therefore I apply the needed medicine and then use a gauze pad as I know it is sanitary as it is individually wrapped and then use johnson and johnson tape to protect it from moving and it works. My family has gone thru many surgeries on all parts of the body and find it is great to use and like I said even it if is a burn or a scrape and a band aid is not the right size these are perfect and great protection. I would not even think of buying a store brand although I am sure they are cheaper as I want the quality and protection I have come to trust and expect from johnson and johnson. If you have not try it suggest the next time you need something bigger then a band aid you give it a try.

Bellmore, NY


Johnson & Johnson 4x4 Gauze Pads +2 (2x3) Non-stick Pads

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