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Joelle Cosmetics
Joelle Cosmetics Mineral Blush - All Shades

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impecable cosmetics line!


i love joelles products, im addicted to them and always looking for any new additions she puts out. the customer service is incredible and the powders are silky and finely milled. a pretty large array of colors for a small one woman company. way to go joelle!!

Sayre, PA


gives the skin such a natural feeling when using


Joelle Cosmetic Mineral Powder Blush blends right in with your skin. It feels so natural and stayes put all day long. I feels and looks so natural and comes in several shades that can highlight any occation or weather change. It allso works well with other makup that you might be using... So if you want that natural look you must at least ry this product you wont be sorry ... take my word for it.... from one girl to another... Also, it is very affordable and goes along way...

Pasadena, TX


Joelle Cosmetics Mineral Blush - All Shades

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