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Jillian Michaels
Jillian Michaels JumpStart 14 Day Cleanse and Burn

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waste of money


I'm a big fan of Jillian Michaels and her workout dvds. I don't think she has a good product when it comes to supplements and diet aids however. I took this as was recommended on the product label and didn't notice one bit of difference. I could have used the money better by purchasing another of her DVDs.

Northeast, NE


Do not use this!


I bought this thinking it would work great with the Jillian Michaels 30-day-shred video I purchased. I had read a couple of reviews that had said the person had headaches and stomach issues after taking this, but just figured this was the minority, so i went through with the purchase. I started taking them as directed, eating well, cut out caffeine, etc. all while doing my workout video. the second day i had a terrible headache, but chalked it up to the sudden lack of caffeine, so i kept taking them. I felt so bad two nights that i didnt take the second dose at all, and never finished the first week worth. I still thought this must have been due do the caffeine, but decided that since i didn't seem to notice anything special going on, that it truly wasn't worth the money. It interferred with my workout routine, as i felt so bad! Two weeks later, a friend of mine told me she had bought them also and was taking them and began to have terrible headaches that she couldn't get to go away no matter what. I told her about my headaches and upset stomach from this also, and she said she wasn't going to take them anymore either. I was very upset with this product. the only result i can see is that if it makes you sick, you would lose weight but that defeats the purpose of getting into shape with her program.

Lakeland, FL


Jillian Michaels JumpStart 14 Day Cleanse and Burn

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