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Jilbere NanoTech Flat Iron

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Why pay double!


I looked around for many different flat irons, tried the ones in the mall, tried the ones at the salon... I found what I needed at Sally's Beauty Store for less than half of what everyone else charges for the same product. This works great on my hair. It is thick and takes forever to dry. I use it to straighten my hair on days when I haven't blow dryed it. The only con is that the tip gets hot so I can't hold it when I'm using it, unlike my curling iron that I used to so I sometimes end up burning my hands... just need some getting used to...

Bolingbrook, IL


The Jilbere NanoTech Flat Iron is pretty good!


The Jilbere Nano Tech Flat Irons are really simple to use and heat up evenly too. I bought them back in 2007 and have used them sporadically ever since, more in recent years. I only replaced them because I felt they weren't heating up so well as they used to. Otherwise I had no complaints about it at all! They're light, portable enough to pack for vacations (within the States or overseas if you have an adaptor), the cord is really long too. I especially liked the fact that you never ever had any product residue building up on the plates, even after using them on their highest setting each and every time for so many years! The plates always looked brand new and that really is saying something! The only con I'd say they have is that they didn't straighten my hair quickly enough for my liking, however I'm from England where our voltage is higher and so my flat irons in the UK would heat up quicker and would heat to a higher temprature too. So this might be why I felt using the Jibere ones took so long. However I was always really happy with the results I got when using them.

Saint Charles, MO


Jilbere Flat Iron is a must for thick hair!


I love my Jilbere flat iron! I've had it for over 5 years now and it has not failed me yet. I have very thick, coarse curly hair and boy does this flat iron get the job done. It gets very hot which I love. More heat for me means quick and efficient results and that's exactly what I get. Please post a picture for this product. It's really a great investment.

Los Angeles, CA


Coarse, curly, unruly hair- This is the flat iron for you!


My hair is prematurely gray (read coarse), has a mind of its own (read never does right) and is unruly (read half curly half wave-y half rat's nest). I was introduced to a flat iron about 8 years ago and it was a Revlon product. The life of my hair changed forever. Because my hair is so difficult I wore out about 3 of these Revlon flat irons in a bout a year. At this point I was introduced to a Chi. I thought the Chi was the end-all, be-all of flat irons. It worked great and I used it for about five years. I am a bartender and one of my regulars was a hair dresser. I told her I had had my Chi for about 5 years and that I felt it was time for a new flat iron. I asked her opinion on whether it was a good idea to stick with the Chi or to try another new product. She said that while the Chi was a good product it might be in my best interest to try a new product. That she herself had bought a Jilbere de Paris Nano Silver for her own personal use and that it was too powerful for her hair because she had short fine hair.  I took her word and bought the Jilbere Nano Silver and once again my hair's life took a change for the better. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this flat iron. It has temperature settings and you can start flattening your hair before it is 100% dry. My friends have borrowed mine and then gone out and gotten themselves one because they love it too. This is a magnificent product. 

Gulf Shores, AL


Love It!!!


This is the flat iron my hair stylist uses on my hair during my appointments. I've been to other salons where they use other irons and even own a Chi and Maxiglide flat iron myself, but no other iron gives me smooth, pressed tresses like this one.

Baton Rouge, LA


Jilbere NanoTech Flat Iron

4.6 5