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Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers

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Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers

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A Decent Alternative (from a Butcher)


from Phoenix, AZ

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

After having surgery, beef was off the menu. As a beef lover and ex-butcher, that's not an easy pill to swallow, but I was soundly determined to make the best of it in my new post-gastric lifestyle. Turkey burgers, I was informed, were allowed, so I read the above reviews and was eager to pick up a box of these Jenny-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers and have it for dinner. I did this last night.

As noted, the packaging is very good. 12 in a box; 2 quarter-pound patties shrink-wrapped together (separated by correct white patty paper for easy separation while frozen).

Presentation of the patty (for those beef lovers who care) is good... on only one side. Jenny-O chose to put all their efforts in making the patty look more like a beef patty on the one side you would see were it sitting on a bun. The other side is smooth & flat as pressed & processed foul.

I chose to fry this one up. I used a little canola oil in the pan, followed other's instructions and cooked at a Med- to Med/High heat, and I decided 4-5 minutes on each side. Over-cook this patty and you'll suffer the dry flavorless consequences. So you do have to pay attention to the task at hand. (Don't let the game, kids, or conversation distract you!

Eventually, lots of juices were oozing from each side, like a beef burger. Can't undercook because it's foul, so pay close attention to the pink juice that begins to emit from the patty's pores. That little bit of canola oil really helped!

Keep in mind that, post-gastric surgery, buns are off limits. So I was really puttin' this little sucker to the test! I had mustard & ketchup as my condiments of choice.

I cut off a piece...

Good seasoning. Initial flavor is very impressive! If this was sitting on a bun with all the add'l fixin's of lettuce/onion/tomato on it, it would be a very good burger. But here is where things change: after about 6-7 seconds, that flavor in your mouth changes from "maybe beef" to "definitely turkey". So chew quick & swallow fast, you beef lovers!

Overall, I think Jenny-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers is a quality alternative. Glad I picked up a box because I need to keep an open mind when it comes to healthier eating now as a man in his late-50s. And I'll see how I feel after another half-dozen or so patties over the next 4 months of recovery, then decide if it's "turkey" going forward, or if I will go back to a quality beef patty.

Best of luck!

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I purchase Jennie O Turkey Burgers


from Muskegon, MI

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

Jennie O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers is one the meats I try to keep in my freezer. I first made a purchase of these Turkey Burgers with a coupon I downloaded online. I wasn't aware how good they tasted until I made this purchase. The Turkey Burgers are a delight for a light burger with not a lot of fat. They are very moist and seem to dissolve in your mouth. The meat is delicious to me. Some meat, like hamburger or ground chuck can be tough and chewy, but not the Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers. They are seasoned to perfection bite after bite. I enjoyed preparing me a burger with some chips and pickles on days that I don't want to do a lot of cooking. They cook up easily on top of the stove or grilled. The turkey is a lean meat that is good for anyone trying to diet and don't need the extra fat. They are a great tasting burger that I would recommend to anyone. If your haven't tried them, I would encourage you to give them a try. They win out over the regular "hamburger" for me.

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Not exactly what I expected at all.


from Syracuse, New York

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

To me - a great burger is made of beef and has all the works - but then 30 hit me and, health, cholesterol, added fats and other stuff took on a whole new level of importance. And every year - it only emphasizes the point. The Jennie-o Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers have made it a bit easier to motivate my family members to side with healthier living options. The burgers are seasoned very well and really taste great. I have cooked them on the stove top, in the oven, under the broiler, on an outdoor grill and on the indoor foreman model. It leaves little to be desired as far as variety of cooking options available. The taste great with all the classic burger fixings added on top. They are also lower in calories and fat than the classic burger. They are a bit on the pricey side but, they are mostly worth the price.

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A seasoned turkey burger pattee from Jennie-O.


from USA

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers are a great healthier replacement for a traditional beef burger when you are dieting. They definitely taste different than a beef burger, so don't expect to be fooled. However, they do taste good, especially the seasoned version. Top them with your favorite condiments and burger toppings and Jennie-O Turkey Burgers are a tasty healthy burger. Be careful to cook them until done but not overdone as this can happen quickly.

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Bland, tasteless turkey burgers! Yuck!


from Soddy Daisy, TN

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

I am not much of a red meat eater, so I was enticed when I saw these pre-pattied turkey burgers at my local grocery store. I was very eager to give them a try, because I usually love all turkey burgers. Most of the time, I use fresh ground turkey and patty them myself, but I decided to give these a try. They were easy to prepare and looked like they were going to be pleasant. Much to me and my husband's surprise, they weren't! Yuck! Tasted very bland and cardboard like! The patties were very firm and just plain tasteless! Where is the flavor? No where in this product!


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Not What I Expected For A Turkey Burger, Seasoned Just Right


from Vineland, NJ

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

  I usually shy away from pre-made burgers of any kind.  I am afraid of what may be in them.  I usually make my own.  I also usually use ground beef instead of turkey because turkey is so bland.  Since trying Jennie-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers, I have changed my tune.

 Jennie-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers taste really good. I was surprised at how much I liked them. They are seasoned just right with spices, tomatoes, peppers and cheese.  They boot the bland turkey myth right out the window.  These burgers have ingredients you not only can pronounce, you also know what each one is without having to look it up in the dictionary.  They contain nothing to be afraid of.

 Jennie-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers come in boxes frozen in vacuum sealed two packs. This is convenient for families.  You don't have to thaw the whole box.  This comes in handy even for those who live alone.  Cook two patties: eat one for dinner and pack the other for lunch tomorrow.  They also are a quick after school snack for kids before going off to sports practice, since they don't take long to cook and are not as heavy as beef burgers.  They are equally good grilled or fried on the stove.

 As frozen burger patties go, Jennie-O Seasoned Turkey Burgers are a step above most.  They not only taste good, they are good.




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Best Turkey Burger out there!


from Tionesta, PA

Comments about Jennie-O Savory Seasoned Turkey Burgers:

I've been using Jennie-O turkey products for quite a long time, and have always been totally satisfied with them. Only about a year or so ago did I discover these savory seasoned pre-packaged wonders.

I'm unable to eat red meat (for health reasons) so the Jennie-O burgers are my alternative when the rest of the gang is grilling big fat juicy hamburgers. I add a slice of cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles, and fancy myself partaking of a gourmet burger. ;)

Inexpensive, easy to store and very easy to prepare, they're a staple in my freezer. Beats the heck out of trying to turn plain ground turkey into something edible on the grill.


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