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Jazzercise DVD

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Jazzercise DVD is a good respite from hard core exercise


I have not gone to a Jazzercise class but was always curious about it.  Currently I belong to the YMCA and have enjoyed all of their dance classes.  So when the Jazzercise DVD came out I was excited.  I felt I could do this in the privacy of my home, not spend a fortune on joining classes, and if I did not like it I only wasted the 24.00 I spent on the DVD.  Initially I was disappointed.  I did not feel my heart rate was going up and felt I just wasted an hour of my time.  I put it away and did not go back to it for about a month. One week when I was looking for something to do at home to supplement a weight training class I took, I grabbed the DVD for a light cardio workout.  I have to say that it was better the second time around.  The difference, though, was I did the 30 minute cardio which appeared more intense than the 60 minute, possibly because you were not adding the weights.  A weight training classes actually gives you a much better workout than this DVD.  I don't know that the JAzzercise DVD is for overall body toning. If you want to try something different and might be a little shy about taking a dance fitness class in a club, I think you would enjoy this.  It is energetic, you can actually hear the songs despite the instructors cueing, and even if you do the 30 minute cardio versus the 60 minute, you will get a fair workout.

Lebanon, NJ


Jazzercise DVD

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