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JVC LT-19A200 19 in. LCD TV

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Nothing too special about this tv.


There is nothing too fancy or special about this tv, however, for a family on a budget it does the job! The price is affordable enough to be able to enjoy watching tv and movies without breaking the bank. The small screen does not do blu-ray dvds any justice...the picture quality is just so-so (but as I said - it's still a working tv so no complaints here!) The speakers do not produce the highest quality sound, so I would recommend investing in separate speakers to enhance the quality a little bit. The tv itself is plenty sturdy and has held up over the past few years, even considering we have moved quite a bit. I would recommend this tv for a kid's room or college dorm or simply someone on a budget - definitely not for those who are serious about the quality of the picture and sound.



JVC LT-19A200 19 in. LCD TV

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