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JOOLA DX30 World Cup Sears Exclusive Infinity Table Tennis


Professional Bounce and Durability With JOOLA World Cup DX30 Table Tennis Table

The JOOLA World Cup DX-30 Table Tennis table brings you the high quality play you want in a durable package that will last for years. If you love the game of table tennis enough to bring it home, why would you want to waste money on a mediocre table? Bring home a sturdy build you can count on to last through thousands of heart pounding games and keep coming back for more.

Designed to provide a true bounce, the JOOLA World Cup DX-30 Table Tennis table features a professional grade 1.5 inch top reinforced by a 2 inch premium skirt to eliminate warping and inconsistent play while giving you the fast responsive game that any serious player needs. Don’t spend hours getting used to the quirks and curves of lesser tables, get a dead-straight surface and get in the game fast. And when play heats up to a rapid pace, don’t worry about this table moving around with the action, built with serious 2 inch steel legs and 4 inch industrial grade locking casters, the JOOLA World Cup DX-30 Table Tennis table will stay put no matter how intense your game.

If you’re looking to up your table tennis game, the JOOLA World Cup DX-30 Table Tennis table is the perfect place to practice. Not only does each bounce stay true with its slate-flat surface, but this table is easy to transform into the ideal practice field. Featuring a rock-solid return setting, each side of the field can be turned up to create a return wall straighter and truer than dozens of lesser tables on the market.

Built toughreinforced like no other, and offering the kind of bounce you can count on for fidelity, the JOOLA World Cup DX-30 Table Tennis Table is the kind of table you can bring home for a real game. Try it out today and see the difference a quality build can make.

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