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Irish Spring
Irish Spring Icy Blast Body Wash

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Put a Little Spring Into Your Morning Routine


Showering is a daily routine for most people and part of that routine is cleaning the body with soap. I used to be strictly a bar soap kind of guy, but I have slowly but surely (with strong encouragement from the misses) switched over to body wash. I have tried several of these liquid soap- free products since going barless and one of my recent finds is **Irish Spring Icy Blast Body Wash**, a pleasant body wash from one of the foremost names in soap. **Body**** Wash**** Commentary**: Irish Spring Icy Blast is a thick, blue liquid body wash with a scent that combines after shave with a small amount of citrus. This product has a strong scent and the manufacturer promises that it will provide eight hours of freshness, with the scent lingering on the skin for one- third of a full day. One quality about this body wash that isn't what I expected is the scent. I know this body wash has a special label- Icy Blast- but I still expected it to smell like Irish Spring's patented "green and white striped" bar soap. But it doesn't smell much like Irish Spring at all. The slight citrus smell coupled with the scent of after shave result in a masculine, but very different smell, and it makes it a product that will likely be shunned by most of the female market. Irish Spring Icy Blast offers a strong scent and the manufacturer boasts that the scent will last for a long period of time- eight hours after use, to be exact. My experience has shown that this body wash does leave a lasting scent and it does linger longer than most body washes. However, I think the eight hour claim is a little exaggerated. A better estimate would be between four and six hours. And this comes from a person who spends his workday in an office environment. Those who work in a more physical setting will likely lose the scent even faster. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Overall, Irish Spring Icy Blast Body Wash is a good product that is completely free of soap and leaves no residue on the skin or in your shower or bathtub. It costs a little more than other body washes, but it ranks among the better ones I have tried. The scent isn't something women will want on their skin, but the men in the audience should find it to their liking.   

Houston, TX


You might need an acquired taste for Irish Spring Icy Blast.


I am very much into the way things smell. I usually buy products that smell better, even if they sometimes cost more. I first bought this new Irish Spring body wash a few months ago to give it a try. I liked the smell of it while I was in the store. I especially like products that cool when it is even remotely warm outside because I bike and run a lot which means I like taking a cool shower when I get home. I found, however, that the body wash doesn't smell quite the same way in use as it does in the store. Not only that but the cooling sensation doesn't hit until I'm almost done showering and then it doesn't last very long. I do like the sensation I get with this body wash, I just wish it lasted a little longer. I didn't pay very much more for it than I would have had I purchased an off-brand bottle but I still think the price was a few cents too steep for what I got. I think I will stick with the original stuff, just for the smell of it.

Salt Lake City, UT


Irish Spring Icy Blast Body Wash

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