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Ion One Stroke Perpetual Heat Ceramic Digital Styling Iron

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This is by far the best flat iron I've ever owned


This is by far the best flat iron I have ever owned I have really wavy thick frizzy hair .Ive used the chi flat iron and that one doesnt straighten my hair unlike this one.

San Antonio texas


Worked great for 2 years


I loved using this flat iron. I bought one 4 years ago and used it every day until the "coating" eventually wore off or 'weakened". I'm not sure but the iron began to cause damage so I guessed it the coating on the plates was wearing out. I bought another one and used that one for another two years. I replaced it with another Ion; which I will review next. I have very coarse, thick, frizzy, dry hair after washing. This flat iron left my hair so tame and soft. No one would ever know that my hair was so difficult to manage. It worked wonders for me. Effectiveness The flat iron left my hair soft, silky and manageable. It took my frizzy, thick, dry hair and made it lovely and smooth! It only took one pass over each section of hair to achieve the desired look. Durability Two years of use and the iron was still in good physical working order. Again, I believe the ceramic or tourmaline coating just wore off the plates.

Elyria, OH


Surprisingly not thrilled!!


I have purchased a lot of hair straighteners in my life. I am the mother of 4 girls and we all have kinky curly hair. I love Ion products so I thought this would be an easy perfect fix for our need but I was wrong. It works but it causes my hand to cramp up because the spring between the two sides is so tight. It is not something that you can alter yourself or I would have. It has wonderful temp settings and an easy on and off function but it doesn't lay on the counter easily or rest except on its side. I am a little disappointed with the over purchase. It works great but I believe for the money they should have worked on the feel of it. Effectiveness straightens hair great!! Durability Hard to use if you have long hair...it gets really heavy feeling

Marion, IN


Ion Ceramic Styling Iron is the best!


I was given this flat iron as a Christmas gift back in 2006. I had to replace it in 2007 (but they did it for free at Sally's!) and it just now gave out here in 2011. I think that goes to show you how long it has been used! It has been quite the dependable flat iron for me, and I liked it so much I decided to go ahead and buy another one. I did consider going for the CHI, but why spend all that money when you know you have a product you have already been happy with? I would recommend this product especially to women who have thick, wavy hair. Once my hair is blow dryed it has a strange frizzy wave to it that has to be ironed out. This flat iron has done the trick every time. I still have trouble with frizziness as the day goes on, but I don't blame this on my flat iron, but moreso the humidity and fog because of where I live. Go ahead and try this product, you will not be disappointed, trust me!

Mill Valley, CA


Great Styling Iron I love one stroke perpetual


This is by far one of the best straightners I have ever had! I thinks it is so great. It heats up fast. I love that it is ceramic so it does not damaged my hair that much. I have had my styling iron for a little while now and have not even thought of getting another styling  iron to replace it. I think it is worth the money you pay for it! It does take a little longer on thicker hair but of course it always takes longer for thicker hair. It leaves my hair feeling so soft, which I really really like. It also leaves my hair shiney and smooth. Which is always a great benifit for me. I feel like my hair looks like I just came from the hair dresser ever time I do my hair. I never wait to the last min to do my hair anymore either. I enjoy doing it. which when you hate or put off stylinf your hair it makes you hate doing it that much more. All and all I love this styling iron I think it is one of the best out there!!!

Ravenna, OH


straight to the point with your hair


I had never heard of this product and when i was going to purchase a straightning iron i was actually going to buy  a different brand and the sales lady told me about this product.  It was very pricey but from taking the advice of the sales associate i decided to give it a try.  I found this product works fairly well in getting your hair straight.  Heres the thing, i for one have extremly thick hair, so for this product to be as effective i have to seperate more of my hair and do smaller portions at a time which takes up alot of my day just to straighten all of my hair.  I would reccomend this to anyone with thin or not alot of hair or to someone who has the free time to sit and straighten thick hair.  However, the product does straighten great and my hair will stay straight for two or three days straight, which is a plus.  overall great general product, just a little more time consuming then most other straightners out there.

Duson, LA


Ion One Stroke Perpetual Heat Ceramic Digital Styling Iron

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