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Indigo Wild
Indigo Wild Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap - Sea Salt

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Gently exfoliating


I've tried other natural soaps that end up drying my skin even more but the zum bar keeps me moisterized and gently exfoliates! I stopped using the other exfoliating brands as this brand is safer for the environment. I have eczema, so Im sensitive to most soaps but this brand is mixed with goat's milk and is gentler than other items I have used. I even use this soap for my kids! Effectiveness Softens my skin instead of drying my skin. Scent Im not big on strongly scented soaps and this one is just right! My husband will even use it!



Indigo Wild Zum is my new favorite soap!


Indigo Wild Zum is my new favorite soap!  I have problem skin, namely Keratosis Pilaris, and I have discovered that most brands of body wash or soaps, especially the most popular and widely available ones, tend to irritate my skin and make the condition appear worse.  I decided to give Indigo Wild Zum a try after a friend had recommended it to me, as she suffers from Keratosis Pilaris as well.  I have tried a couple of different varieties of the Indigo Wild Zum soap bars and I have loved every one of them!  My favorite so far has to be the Sea Salt.  The scent is very pleasant, and the Sea Salt acts as a mild exfoliant.  This soap also helps to calm my skin and minimize the appearance of the KP.   If I could offer one negative about this soap, is that it does tend to stain the shower enclosure a little with the color of the soap right below the soap holder where it drips.  Obviously the darker the soap, the darker the stain.  The blue color of this soap doesn't stain it too bad, and the stain IS removable (at least I've found it to be), I just have to scrub the shower a little more on cleaning day.  This is no way going to keep me from continuing to buy this soap, however!

Olathe, KS


Indigo Wild Zum Bar Goat's Milk Soap - Sea Salt

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