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Imju Dejavu Fiberwig
Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara

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Will never give up fiberwig products


I picked up the original dejavu fiberwig mascara while i was in JApan. It looked to be a popular product with many sizes and variations at many stores.  I learned from a friend that it's put on after normal or waterproof mascara and you really have to "work at it" to get the lashes to look fuller and longer.  I tend to go easy on my makeup for the day so I only use this mascara and doing that makes my lashes look more natural.  Though sometimes this product would be messy, it's easy to get used to and leftover residues comes off very easily. I love the effect that the plastic pieces have on the way my lashes look from afar. It's never easy to tell I have on fake lashes like this. I've always been wary of using normal fake lashes and nails for that matter simply because of how they tend to tear off natural hairs or nail when removing. Ive never had this problem with dejavu and its been working great for me. Overall, its a great safe product.

Riverside, CA


Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout Mascara


I have been using Dejavu Fiberwig 3D Mascara (Pure Black) in the past and have been loving it largely because of it gives length to my lashes while it's makes easy to clean (I can use warm water and facial soap and it comes off - but never get smudged during the day). So when Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout Mascara came out in Japan, I was excited to try it out. I have to say, I was disappointed. Even though It does give a fuller look to eye lashes compared to the 3D Mascara, it is extremely difficult to wash off. I knew it was a water-proof mascara but since the package said (in Japanese) "comes off with warm water" in a big letter, I just believed so. Well, it was not the case at all. The reason I like 3D Mascara is because I don't need to wait for 2 minutes pressing cotton pad against my eyes that is soaked with an eye make up remover. But this Lash Knockout Mascara requires me to do exactly so (and I do not have patience for that - nor I do not want to end up with wrinkles around my eyes 10 years later because I rubbed around my eyes too much when I take off my eye make up). The mascara gives fullness to eye lashes but I've seen better result. I also do not like that the eyelashes gets hard because of mascara coat (which I didn't have with 3D Mascara). It also gets gooey inside the bottle a little faster than original 3D Mascara.

Los Angeles, CA


Imju Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara

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