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Idea Nuova
Idea Nuova Sesame Street Elmo 3 Piece Table and Chairs

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My Son loves his Sesame Street Elmo table and chairs set


My Son got this table and chairs set as a Christmas present, and Not only does he love it, so do I. It's really sturdy made from wood, and painted really cutely. In the center of the table there's sort of a cubby whole, you lift off the piece of the table, and there's a cute little storage area. You could throw crayons and all kinds of small stuff in there. Right now I'm using it to hold around 20 Matchbox cars, and whatever else he throws in there. He eats his breakfast and lunch at his little table, and depending what my husband and I are doing he sometimes eats his dinner at his table. Plus he colors and plays at it. I just have to watch cause we find snacks in the storage area all the time, and he likes to give Zoe and Elmo juice causing it to go all over the table. The chairs are very sturdy, I'm quite big, and my husband is 6ft tall, we weigh about the same, and we have both sat on the chairs, they have a very wide base and really reminds me of a step stool with a chair back on it. It was very easy to put together it took my husband less then 15 minutes. I really only have 1 problem with the table, it wasn't that expensive from toys r us, and my aunt had a coupon for it, and it was a gift. But, the paint is starting to chip off around the pop off portion of the table for the storage area. It's my only complaint about the set, and the chipping isn't really bad it's just slightly noticeable.

Jersey City, NJ


Idea Nuova Sesame Street Elmo 3 Piece Table and Chairs

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