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They have every cruise package you can think of, so much so it gets to be very hard to choose from all the selections they have available. Ease of Use I have taken a good number of cruises in my lifetime and I am completely impressed with this site and the cruise options they have available to me. I am like a kid in a candy store with so many options to choose from, it becomes very difficult for me to nail down my choices all the time. Features The have a variety of romantic getaways, retreat like cruises, sightseeing cruises, you name, they have it. I love every thing they have to offer. Customer Service They also have a fabulous customer service department that is always a pleasure to connect with when you need to. They are very attentive and will take as much time as necessary to make sure you are happy about your choice. They take the time to let you know that your business and your satisfaction is important to them.



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I have used iCruise to find cruises that fit my budget, schedule, and interests. The site is pretty easy to use and the nice thing is that you see prices up front, so you don't start investigating a cruise that is way out of your price range. Once you have decided where you want to cruise, you can pick a destination like the Caribbean and see a table that shows all the cruise lines and the "base" price for that cruise. This allows you to easily pick which cruise lines are in your budget. You can also see how the price changes based upon the time of year. For example, cruises in September cost much less than those in August. It's nice to see a table showing the prices for each month so that you don't have to look at the price of each cruise to figure that out. You can also clearly see how much more it costs to be on the outside or to get a balcony. Features I like that you can find cruises in so many ways. For example, my sister in law hates to fly and we were able to find cruises that leave out of a specific port---say Baltimore or New York. My extended family then ended up taking a cruise out of New York. We could drive to the port and it was sort of cool seeing the Statue of Liberty as we cruised out of New York.



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Cruising is a fun way to take a vacation. Like staying at an all- inclusive resort, you don't need to worry about food and most activities because the majority of them are included in the cost of your ticket. Several web sites exist to help vacationers book a trip on the sea and one of them is **Icruise.com**, a cruise vacation web service. **Web Site Commentary:** Icruise.com is a cruise booking service I have only recently gotten to know well. I can recall first using this service many years ago when I was considering taking a cruise for the first time. I didn't follow through with my plans and I completely forgot about this site and what it had to offer. If you browse through Icruise.com very frequently, then it is a good idea to establish an account. Setting up an account makes searching and booking cruises easier in the future. For example, when you logon to Icruise.com in the future and attempt to book a cruise, it will already show your default cruise information (like number of adults in your party, number of children, home state, etc.). Setting up a new account is simple, and while the profile setup includes many pieces of information, most of them are optional. Booking takes time with Icruise.com because there are many things that have to be selected/confirmed before you finish. One needs to be on the lookout for added services, because Icruise.com has a tendency to slip extras into your booking with the hope that you don't notice. For example, there is an option to select cruise insurance, and this is automatically defaulted to "Yes". You have to switch it to "No" before going forward to the next page. There is also an option to upgrade to a more expensive cabin, offered immediately after you select a cabin (assuming, of course, that there are more expensive options to choose from).Taxes and fees are automatically added to each passenger's cruise fare and a flat booking fee is added to the total order. Two other problems I have with Icruise.com are the ship information and photos. The site offers drawings of the different deck levels but if you want to see what the cabins look like on the inside, you will have to squint because the pictures are quite small. And most ships do not include photos of the amenities at all, so you have no way to view the restaurants, entertainment facilities, or anything else. If you want to see these things, you will need to have another web page opened up with another web service,   Probably the most important consideration for choosing a travel web service is the pricing and Icruise.com does offer some very competitive pricing. I compared the prices for my selected cruise with several other sites and found that Icruise.com was equal to or less expensive than most other sites. It was even $20 per person less than cruise line's own web site. In fact, it is the lower prices that convinced me to stick with Icruise.com rather than switch to a different web site. Even though the booking takes a little longer with Icruise.com and it has other annoyances, the lower prices persuaded me to give this service a chance. **Bottom Line:** So this brings me to my final rating for Icruise.com. When you add everything together, Icruise.com earns an overall rating of three stars and a modest recommendation. Take away the lower prices and my rating would drop to only two stars. The cruise search function is good, but I don't like the lack of photos and I had a negative encounter with Customer Service. But Icruise.com did rectify the problem and got me the answer I was looking for. This, and the lower than average prices, make Icruise.com a site worth checking out if you're in the market for a cruise.

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