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I can has cheezeburger!

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my favorite website to visit during a crappy work day!


omg! written how lolcats talk! fantastic. new pics with captions uploaded daily to help pass the work day. i love the lolrus and his bukit. and i love the invisible theme. i dont want to go on and on because you really just need to go to the page!!!

Beverly Hills, CA


Cats can't spell, but here is a web site where they try.


I found www.icanhascheezburger.com through other funny sites, www.stuffonmymutt.com and www.stuffonmycat.com. NOTE:  The link in the first sentence was corrected on 9-18-07.  Thanks to joyjoy for the fyi on the spelling.  What can I say, my cat can't spell either. People take pics mostly of cats and a few other animals and then make up funny stuff for the animals to say.  CAUTION:  Be careful while drinking any liquids and viewing this site.  Coffee snorts can be deadly for your computer.  

Prescott Valley, AZ


I can has cheezeburger!

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