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Hymanson, Inc.
Hymanson, Inc. Bodyblade

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Its a workout!


I just got a Bodyblade as a gift from my Mother who thinks I need to work out...LOL! I really like the fact that it takes up very little space. You can stand it in the corner, behind the door, etc. and is totally out of the way. Now as a workout: The exercises are very strenuous to me. I am 50 years old. I have major back problems. I am hoping to use this to increase some of my core strength. It really doesn't look like much. You'd never think this thing would provide such a workout but in just a few seconds you are very warmed up. My Bodyblade came with a workout DVD which is very helpful. Just wish I could keep up! You can use the Bodyblade sitting or standing, which is a plus if you're unable to stand, or stand for very long, and need some core strengthening. It also makes a great stick if you need to reach something to knock or pull down (LOL)...or a lightsabre if you're Star Wars inclined. My kids love it!

Lafayette, LA


Hymanson, Inc. Bodyblade

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