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Husqvarna Viking
Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine Emerald

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Best Ever Sewing Machine!


I received this amazing machine for my bday.  When I was looking, I fell in LOVE with the Husqvarna Viking 183, and the 203 just has a few extras (a table and walking foot included). Both of them are computerized. Before this new machine, I had a mid-1900's Singer. It held on for a long time, but finally gave out.Now you know where I am coming from, let me tell you that computerized is THE way to go! It's accurate and FUN! It gives you limitless possibilities! You can add a lot more flare to your projects. My Mom had a Viking for over 30 years and it still works (just old and replacement parts are hard to find now). She just upgraded to the 203 as well. She loved her Viking so much, she stayed with the brand.While we were searching, we found that Singer used to be top-notch, but they have gone to cheap plastic parts (like the plastic toys are made of). Viking has the plastic that football helmets are made of (a comparison one salesman for both companies used).I LOVE mine (I am a big quilter and am getting into sewing more).  One of the other unique things to the 203 (I love most) is the 1/4 inch programmable feature- for quilting.  It makes sewing super slick to gauge it quickly by the edge of the presser foot. The only thing I wish is that the owners manual was more detailed in parts.  I still found myself with some questions after reading it.

Kaysville, UT


Husqvarna Viking Computerized Sewing Machine Emerald

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