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Hunt's Tomato Sauce

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I hate it!


This product is distinguished by its ability to ruin any otherwise tolerable dish. It brings a bitter metallic taste to even the most robustly seasoned red sauce. I'm sorry to say that anyone who suggests otherwise has somehow developed a palate for all food which is canned, (and all of its inherent preservatives) which unless you're surviving an apocalypse, in my opinion, is one step above eating insects.



very good for homemade sauces!


It is really good for making homemade pizza or pasta sauces.  Just add whatever spices you like!  I love it because I hate chunky sauces and this can of sauce is perfectly smooth and all you have to do is add spices!!

North Charleston, SC


hunts tomato sauce is a great start to any dish


                                                  Hunts Tomato Sauce    When I don't know what to make for dinner, Hunts has a quit a selction of sauces. So when your grocery shopping you should select a few different Hunts sauces, they have basil and onion,mushroom, meat, garlic and onion, and many more. You can make chicken and rice with one of the flavor sauces, to an all day long chicken in a crock pot with Hunts sauce,how about a chili,with whole tomatos squeezed, or just plain old pasta sauce. NO matter what your cooking, just add Hunts tomato sauce and its a meal your family will love and ask for seconds.But one thing I also use to bring out more flavor is brown onion and garlic in olive oil. Its a winner every time. 

Port Saint Lucie, FL


Very good - made from fresh tomatoes.


Very good!  Could be spaghetti sauce with just a few spices!  In a can, so a can opener is needed.  But, very good.  Sauce is red, just like tomatoes.  Can use on anything needing sauce - pizza, spaghetti, other pasa italian related items.  Very good.  Just like if you grew tomatoes in your yard, cooked them, crushed them, pureed them, then canned them.  Of course, you'd have to actually open the can again to use it, just like as with Hunt's.  Works well

Marlton, NJ


Hunt's Tomato Sauce

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