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Hudson Cream
Hudson Cream Self-Rising Flour

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Bake a better biscuit is right


Hudson Cream Self Rising FlourThis is the best biscuit flour I've ever had, from San Angelo TX, to the Appalation Mountains or from North Dakota to San Francisco.  These consistently bake a more tender, fluffy and tastier biscuit.  You have to adjust for elevation, humidity, local ingredients, etc, but as long as you use this flour, you won't go too far wrong!

Oakland, CA


Bake a better biscuit - or fluffier pancakes and light cookies


I won the 4-H biscuit competition when I was 9 years old. I couldn't cook anything else, but I could make biscuits. When our church has the annual Country Ham Supper, I am the DBB (designated biscuit baker). One year I counted, and I made 600 biscuits for the dinner. I've tried all the flours on the market (that I know about), and Hudson Cream is, hands down, the best. It makes fluffier biscuits and also is great for other baked goods. The self-rising has a touch of salt and some baking powder. The touch is light, so the baked goods do not have a bitter bite like Red Band. The best bakers I know are in Bandy, Virginia up the mountains. My mom mentioned that one of the ladies up there (where our family comes from) told her that Hudson Cream is the key to making great breads. I told my mom that I thought so too and that I'd been buying Hudson Cream for a while now. Generally I'd say that flour is flour, but Hudson Cream is the exception. Once I started using it, I decided to stick with it. It can be hard to find Hudson Cream. The good news is that you can order it right from the web site. Just Google Hudson Cream, and you'll find the company and information for buying really terrific flour.

southern, NC


Hudson Cream Self-Rising Flour

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