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Horizon Fitness
Horizon Fitness E53 Elliptical

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Get in shape quick with theHorizon E53


I got the My E53 almost a year ago and I love it. Its sleek sturdy and easy to move.  I actually bought a used machine.  So many people start new years resolutions and then abandon them si I knew I knew I could find a used machine in great condition.  I have seen so much improvement in my fitness level. When I first started i did five minutes and thought I was going to die.  Now I can do 45 minutes easy and I feel so great afterward.  I sleep better and have more energy during the day.  The machine is so easy to use plug it up turn it on and hit the quickstart button.  You have many different options for resistance from 1-20.  There are a variety of program options or manual of course.  The machine is pretty compact for an elliptical.  I live in an apartment and was very to choose something that would not take up too much space and still be a quality machine.  I am really glad I went ahead and made this purchase.

Cleveland, OH


Horizon Fitness E53 Elliptical

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