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Honeywell HY-105 Tower Fan

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A must have fan!


I absolutely love this fan. First of all, let me tell you that I have used a fan every night for the past 30 or more years. I'm a very poor sleeper and I need the white noise of a fan plus the cooking breeze. This fan is stylish looking, love the white tower. It runs quietly and has so many settings, sleep, calm refresh, white noise, power cool, so you can find just the setting you need for a great nights sleep. It comes with a small remote, that you can use to change settings, oscillate, and turn it on and off. I didn't think I would ever use a remote for a fan, but I find that I do adjust it every so often during the night. The tower also fits in any spaces, small or large and corners. I definitely recommend this fan, and wish I had one for each room. With a tower fan, you have a long range of cooling air. Honeywell has always been a good brand, and a really good value. You can find their fans at most stores. Its also very attractive with the white color and shows cool blue settings buttons, so is easy to see at night and not disturbing to one's sleep.

Westbrook, MN


Honeywell HY-105 Tower Fan

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