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Honeywell Enviracaire 13520 Air Purifier

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Big and Ugly But Effective


When I experienced a water problem in my basement and was concerned about mold I purchased a Honeywell Enviracaire 13520 Air Purifier. According to the salesperson at the store it was supposed to be wonderful and exactly what I needed. Unfortunately it did not live up to the expectations. First, this is mammoth. It's also very heavy (weighing in at about twenty five or thirty pounds). Plus, it's just downright ugly. It comes in one color - ugly beige. There's not even any way that you can cover it up or hide it or anything since it needs to be exposed to clean the air. Thankfully, mine was in the basement so it didn't matter over much. I have to say that this did do a beautiful job at cleaning the air. There was none of the damp odor that usually comes in a basement with water problems. The entire basement smelled fresh and clean and dust free as well. I never really felt comfortable running this all the time because it was such a power hog so I only ran it when I was home, which really defeated the purpose a bit. Overall, while this is big and ugly it is effective and if it is somewhere where looks don't matter it's a good option.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Honeywell Enviracaire 13520 Air Purifier

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