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Holmes Portable Ceramic Electric Heater

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Heats well if you can get it to stay on


I bought this to use this in the bathroom. I do not care for this heater, although it heats a small room up very well. It is compact and light and easy to carry or fit anywhere. What I don't like: The safety button on the bottom of the appliance does not stay pushed in on this particular heater. In order for the heat to be turned on, the safety button must be out. I've tried taping the button down, but it only works sometimes.

Tampa, FL


Wouldn't purchase again


We purchased this a few years ago for our baby room and it died 1.5 years later. It wasn't worth it in my books. we purchased another one a lot like it, same brand, again thinking the first was just a fluke and it also died within 2 years. When I went to buy another one I went to a different brand. Update 1/29/14 Our new model of heater is working just fine. Mind you its Not a Holmes and it was more expensive then the Holmes portable heater. Again wouldn't ever buy a Holmes again! Performance when it worked it worked nicely. kept the room warm. But if it dies within 2 years its not worth the price. Ease of Use It was very easy to use. The knobs were easy to figure out and the overall operation is good. Durability Can I give it less then a 1? This doesn't last! It has 1 purpose, to heat a room, it should last longer then it did. Design the design of the overall product was fine. other then on the insides something is wrong! Safety The safety features seemed to be ok as well.



Small Holmes heater does the job!


I've owned the Holmes portable HFH-104 heater for years. I cannot tell you where I purchased it form. I'm cold-natured and it gets plenty of use. - even when the weather is becoming warm like it is now. It is a small heater with four settings on the front - off, fan, 1000 watts, 1500 watts (looks different from the image displayed on this site for it). There is a red power light to indicate that it is on. This heater would not heat a large area, I use it in a small bedroom and for maximum effectiveness, I close any doors. Because it is small, I have it sitting on a chair that is not flammable so the heat is not just blowing toward my feet. I make sure that there is a clear area around the fan. I do plan to purchase a taller oscillating fan to better heat the room at a distance (and to eliminate the need to elevate it), but for now the HFH-104 serves its purpose. If work allowed the use of the fan, I would use it at work - it would be the perfect size.

Southaven, MS


Holmes Portable Ceramic Electric Heater

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