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Holmes Humidifier Filter

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good filter


I have had several different filters and i find this one is better because the black coating on the out side helps it keep it shape especially when it is very wet! I have several different humidifiers through out my house and have now starting only buying these filters for all of them. Durability some of the filters I have bought need to be replaced 2 sometimes 3 times during the season, these ones do not they last the entire season!

Easley, SC


meh, not on my list of favorites


I honestly feel that these filters could be made better. I feel that they are a mess far too quickly, and sometimes will fall apart before I am even able to use it for the appropriate amount of time. Next time, I think I will probably go with a different brand of humidifier.



Good Filter for the Price


This filter is used for our Holmes humidifier. We have had this humidifier for several years, and we have always used this filter. This filter sells for a very reasonable price, and it does not have to be changed too often. The filter is very easy to remove, and, in addition, it is very easy to replace. It takes only a couple of minutes to remove the old filter and replace it with the new one. The replacement filter is also easy to find in many different stores. The filter works very well in keeping the humidifier working smoothly without any problems. I would recommend the Holmes humidifier and this replacement filter.

Lafayette, IN


Holmes Humidifier Filter

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