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Holmes Ceramic Utility/Portable Heater PCH4199V-UM

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Good heat in close proximity


I bought this heater for my desk at work because they keep the office area very cold and although I don't mind wearing an extra layer or two, I sometimes need to take off gloves and scarves in order to get my work done! I have this heater right by my legs and it does a great job of keeping me warm while I'm at my desk. It's also relatively quiet so I don't worry about bothering my colleagues with buzzing sounds. I'm not sure why it has two sides where heat emits from, it would be just as well to not have divided it in the middle because the heat blows from both sides in the same direction. I unplug after use (as you should always do with all space heaters) and I turn it off when I'm away from my desk because all portable heaters can cause fires. Nice heater for small space.

Fullerton, CA


Ideal for a teen's room!


We had this heater for a number of years before it decided to retire from the teens room. This portable heater is very easy to use, just use the on and off switch. We did not ever use the swivel feature, no need for a small room. The teen used the Holmes space heater all night when we experienced a cold snap. He was cozy but we had a large electric bill! We knew when the heater was due to retire when the unit was hot to the touch within minutes of plugging it into the outlet. Once it's hot to the touch, toss it to avoid a fire. One word of pre- caution, place this space heater in an open space, if placed near blankets,clothes or other objects, it will cause a fire! If you want a long lasting heater in a small room, the Holmes would be the perfect fit! Ease of Use Simple use of an on and off switch. Durability The space heater heated the room or many years. Design Small heater, perfect for a smaller room! Safety Obviously, no issues with safety, my house never caught on fire with this heater!



It sure has a long life!


This is the third DIFFERENT type of space heater I have reviewed because my family uses a lot of them! We love our space heaters! My kids fight each year over which one they get in their own room. And yes, they do wear out and they do have to be replaced. But this particular heater has lasted many years; I don't even know how many, but I know it is less than 15, but more than probably 8 - which in my experience is quite good for these little heaters, especially when they are used a lot. As for features, this has two special ones - one I like and the other I don't. One feature is the "Twin" part of it. It actually has two little "ceramic" parts that put out heat. So it is meant to put out a little more heat than the smallest heaters, yet it isn't much bigger than the others. That is great - it heats up a small room pretty fast. The feature I don't like is the ability to swivel. I truly don't understand that feature on a space heater. It isn't like it's a fan in the summer that you are trying to share with someone. It is a little unit that you are trying to heat up a space with. But you can turn off the swivel part, which I leave off permanently. But here's the part I don't like about it: the way it is designed so that it CAN swivel causes it to vibrate LOUDLY. It is actually elevated a bit above a little stand and all that weight above the stand causes it to be "jiggly". When it is slightly tipped back, it reduces some of the sound, so I keep a little piece of rubber shelf lining rolled up and stuck under the front just to make it high enough to stop some of the rattle, which means it is a little inconvenient every time I move it because I have to reposition it to be quiet. So, if the sound doesn't bother you, go for it because it should last a long time. Performance Heats up great, lasts a long time, but rattles loudly. Ease of Use Couldn't be easier - except for trying to eliminate the rattle. Durability THIS is why you would buy this heater - it has had a long life. Design See long description above for the explanation about how the "Twin" part is good, but the swivel part causes a bad rattle. Safety No problems so far, but we are always careful with our space heaters.

Talihina, OK


Does an adequate job.


I purchased a pair of these a few years ago on clearance at Target. They do provide warmth, but only if you are within eight feet of them. And make certain that you shut it off when you are not using it. They will cause your electric bill to suffer from sticker shock if they are used more than a few hours a day. Performance Warm but only for the first few feet. Ease of Use On and off switch. Not much simpler than that. Durability I have had these for over 5 years. Safety They don't get over warm, but can be expensive.

Minneapolis, MN


Holmes Ceramic Utility/Portable Heater PCH4199V-UM

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