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Holmes Blizzard Personal Power Fan

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Blizzard fan lives up to its price.


For a moderate price, you can get a pretty powerful fan for your desk or bedroom. It swivels at a large angle and does a good job at cooling the surrounding area. I'm currently living in an area much farther South than I've ever had to experience, and this fan is a life saver when the temperature gets to the 90s. Also, if It's hot and you want to keep all of the precious cool air to yourself, you can lock the swivel in place by pulling the mechanism in the back up, and enjoy the fan blowing in a single area. I would definitely recommend this to anyone living in a hot climate, or who needs some extra ventilation in their life. Air Flow The air flow is powerful, and can leave me shivering even on a hot day. The air flow is especially impressive when you compare it to the size of the fan. Ease of Use It has 2 clearly labeled power settings, with I being low power, and II being high. Durability My Blizzard fan has lasted me many months without any issues. Design It has a nice compact design that makes it perfect for a desk or night stand.



I'm a fan of Holmes


Sorry about the pun. But yeah, I like this brand for my home air movement needs. I have a Blizzard aimed at my notebook to reinforce the good work my notebook cooler does. My model Blizzard is different from the one pictured here - it oscillates. I guess it's a Holmes Blizzard desktop fan? However, it also has the same two settings as the personal fan: cool breeze and stiff wind. And for such a small fan, it sure can move a lot of air. The oscillator on mine went wonky after a few months of continuous use (hey, it gets really hot here), but awesomely, the fan still works if I just depress the button to keep it locked in place. I had another fan, one of the drugstore cheapos, that just went kablooey after the oscillator stopped working, so this impresses me. I don't find this fan to be terribly noisy. But then, it's competing with a Holmes air purifier for ambient noise, so bear that in mind. It's done a stupendous job of helping to keep my notebook cool, not to mention myself, and it's pretty inexpensive, so I recommend it. Air Flow This thing is still going strong. Ease of Use This fan is easy to use, no assembly required. Durability The oscillator is working again, although if I want to use that function I have to choose whether or not it oscillates while pointing at the ceiling or pointing at the floor. But it's still a cheap fan that has continued working after not being turned off in an embarrassing amount of time. Still impressed. Design This is a good design for a small fan, although I do wish the pin that holds it in position were made of sterner stuff. I think that is the part that is making it difficult to maintain a decent oscillating position.

Tampa, FL


Holmes provides a personal Blizzard


Seems almost every summer we pick up one or two new fans. We like to have one fan per room to help keep things cool instead of running the air all the time (plus we only have a small window A/C that needs assistance). So at some point we acquired this little Holmes Blizzard fan to go with our collection. I believe it was for my husband to have something to blow right on himself. Air Flow This little fan has only has two speed settings (Hi, Lo). Even with only these two settings, the Blizzard does put out some good wind flow - at least enough for a personal use. Lately I find myself using the Blizzard fan in our bathroom for showers. Something about it being muggy-hot and getting out of a hot shower doesn't set well with me. It's those days when you can't get dried off that get irritating. Our Holmes Blizzard puts out enough breeze to allow me to cool off after the shower enough to get dressed at least. Ease of Use Our Holmes Blizzard is a plug-n-play type of appliance. You plug it in and turn it on. There's the wind. Durability We have had this little blower for quite a while and it has stood the test of time. I can't even begin to count the number of times it has fallen from its perch and yet it keeps on blowing. Design The Blizzard fan is definitely personal sized being around a foot in diameter or so. The base is sturdy but also versatile as it can sit on a edge if needed. On the base there is also nail hooks so it can be mounted. The fan itself tilts up and down to be able to hit direct the breeze where it is needed.

Lansing, MI


Holmes blizzard fan is powerful


This Holmes blizzard fan was my old fan. It lasted a long time, and it was sturdy but I have to admit I mishandled it until it broke! Since it was small size I just threw it in my room when I didnt need it and piled things on top of it, and it just broke! but that was my fault, when it worked, it was amazing! Many speeds, and very powerful, very fitting name, with the blizzard. It has a night setting and a timer, so you can sleep soundly knowing it will turn off in time and you do not have to wake up to turn it off, very convenient. It also has a remote! I mean how cool is that? I havd never seen a fan with a remote, so it is very modern to me, and very cool, well I mean I have seen the bigger size fans with a remote, but not the smaller table top fans with a remote, I guess cause theyre small they are within reach to cool, but I still like it.

Colton, CA


Holmes Blizzard Personal Power Fan

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