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Holloway House
Holloway House Quick Shine Glide Sweeper

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A Must Have Addition


As much as I love the Holloway House Quick Shine Glide Sweeper, I must first say that you still need your regular heavy duty vacuum but this glider sweeper is a must have addition to your cleaning repertoire. It works so well with virtually ever kind of floor's surface in your home. It vacuums but unlike any other vacuum you've ever had. It doesn't just suck the dust and dirt up, it has dual rotating mechanisms that continuously rotate while you're vacuuming and that rotating function combined with the strong suction power of the vacuum makes a huge difference. What else I really love about the Holloway House Quick Shine Glide Sweeper is that I can use it on my kitchen floor that's covered in cereal crumbs and stomped on dog food and then use the same vacuuming device and shine my kitchen floor, right after I've just gotten up all of the crumbs. And then after shining the kitchen floor, I can go and do a light vacuum of the dining room. Perfect combo. It's a win/win.



The Glide Sweeper is the product to own if you have shedding pet


I could sell this product. I purchased this product because my dog and cat are always shedding. The vacuum does well, but it still does not get all the hair off. The Glide Sweeper does a magnificiant job with little effort. It is lightweight, coming in at only 2 lbs. The Sweeper head swivels 360 degrees. The Sweeper is easy to assemble and takes up no more space than a Swiffer Sweeper would. It has 4 rotating brushes that pick up dirt from all four sides. It is easy to maneuver under and around furniture. The motor is quiet. The product lets you know when to dump the touchless tray. One squeeze and the dirt bin empty's itself. To close the bin hatch back up, simply tap the Sweeper on the floor. You NEVER have to touch the dirt tray. Comes with a rechargeable battery and cleaning tool.

Frontenac, KS


Holloway House Quick Shine Glide Sweeper

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