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Hitachi RD6106 10 Cup Rice Cooker

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anyone can make great rice with Hitachi


**HITACHI 10 Cup- RICE COOKER ** has been my little kitchen helper for 16 years. I will so buy another HITACHI RICE COOKER after having had so many long years of service from their product. I never could cook a decent pot of rice, no matter how I tried to cook it. So my mom bought me the HITACHI CHIME-O-MATIC RD-6103 10 cup rice cooker. It makes rice perfect and easy every time I cook it. I prefer Calrose premium brand rice, it has the best taste and consistency. Measure your rice using the plastic cup that comes with the Hitachi Chime-O-Matic Rice Cooker. I use 1 1/2 cups of water per each cup of rice I use . Measure the water using that same plastic cup. This rice cooker comes with a steaming plate, so you can use it to steam food . There are instructions with the rice cooker that tell you how much water to use with different veggies , but the instructions are only geared toward using frozen veggies. I have never used my rice cooker to steam veggies so I cannot speak on its performance as a steamer. It makes wonderful rice however and it is the only way I cook (white) rice. I do not cook brown rice in the rice cooker however b/c the rice cooker only cooks rice for about 15 minutes and that is not long enough to cook brown rice. I definitely recommend Hitachi rice cookers to those who love rice.

El Paso, TX


Hitachi RD6106 10 Cup Rice Cooker

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