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Hitachi Bread Machine

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quality engineering


I have no problem with this bread machine. it's easy to use, user-friendly controls, but I have struggled a little bit at making whole wheat bread in it. I'm not sure what difference having a whole-wheat setting makes, but I wish it had one. I like that I can open up the top and see what's happening inside without it messing up any of the process. That allows you to add more water if you need to as I live in a low humidity location. i do wish the lid was attached though. sometimes it comes off when i don't want it to.



The standard for bread machines: Hitachi HB-B201


This model, along with its sister model, the HB-B101 are probably the ones that most aspiring bread machine chefs should buy. It is very simple to use and comes with everything you would need to produce fantastic loaves from the moment you plug it in. I have thrown several recipes at it, all with consistent and delicious results. Whole wheat, white, semolina flour even, this bread machine absolutely delivers. As far as maintenance is concerned: the bread pan and paddle inside detach for easy cleaning. I have had my Hitachi machine for a very long time now, and it is just as good as the day I bought it. It has not had a single issue. The machine is demonstrative of great engineering and durability.

Beverly Hills, CA


This machine is so good that I purchased 3.


This hitachi was the first bread machine I ever tried. After several years it stopped working. At that time you could no longer find this machine on the market. I tried another brand. I hated it and returned it to the store. Then I went on Ebay and found the Hitachi that I loved. Bought 3 of them so that if one breaks I have a backup. The smell of homemade bread in the house is wonderful. The smell takes you to places in your childhood that have long been forgotten. There are hundreds of different recipes to try and creat that fragrance. Some breads are loaded with fruit, while others are sweet with chocolate chips and nuts. There is no better way to invite people into your home then with the smell of bread baking. It is is only surpassed by tasting a warm piece of bread smothered in butter, jelly or both. Hitachi HB-B201 makes it possible for even the least talented cook to achieve this feat.

Bettendorf, IA


Hitachi Bread Machine

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