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Hill's Science Diet
Hill's Science Diet Kitten Food

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Good for kitties


The Science diet DRY kitten food is what I first gave both of my kittens. I grew up with two cats that we fed Science Diet all of their life. Our veterinarian has always recommended this brand and just in general it's great on their coats and overall health. I was a little nervous about my new kittens using the dry food but it was similar to what they were weaned to at the humane societies I got them from. My vet said if they did have any problems with the hard food to sprinkle water on it so make it softer, but it never ended up being an issue. Both of my cats loved this food right away and I never had any trouble getting them to eat. It was great at helping them grow and put on healthy weight. Quality of Ingredients My vet always recommends science diet dry cat foods for their quality of ingredients. It is definitely more expensive than the other brands out there because of this and if money isn't an issue for you I would say to use it! However, if money is a factor, I'd recommend using a comparative cheaper brand. I used this brand when they were kittens to about 2-3 years old simply because of the high quality, but eventually the price became too much and I switched.



Great product that kittens love!


The kittens I got were already on this food at the animal hospital where I got them so I continued feeding this to them. It really is easy on their systems and they love the crunchiness of it! They usually will eat this before any kind of canned/moist cat food. I think it is easily digested===so less litter box scooping to deal with!!! They have thrived on this food!

Mason City, IA


My kitten loves it


I found a ridiculously skinny stray kitten. When I offered her the food, she loved it and gobbled it down. According to my veterinarian, this food while high in fat offers a great deal of the nutrients needed for growing kittens. My little kitten has been eating it for a few months now (the veterinarian said to keep her on it for six months since she was so malnurished) and she loves it. The one thing is that it does have a strong smell (probably helps cats like it all the more), but I'm a vegetarian and I notice the smell! Makes sense because it is meat, but I don't notice it as much with adult cat food. At any rate, my kitten would eat the whole can (and more) if you set it in front of her, so watch out for portion control. She does not self-regulate and the food is so good that she would eat as much as she could in one sitting and make herself sick. Great food at a semi-affordable price. Worth a shot if you're looking for nutritious kitten food!

Houston, TX


surprise to see the ingredients were not very healthy


while shopping for the best small can food for a kitten, i was surprised to see that the ingredients in this can was not the best.  i actually found a better can food at the grocery store. it was more convenient and less pricey. i have used hill's science diet for many years, but i may have to rethink it now that there is a variety of foods out there in the stores.

Maitland, FL


Great high quality food for a great start!


We fed our cat Science Diet Kitten food from when we got her at 3 months old until she was about a year old. They had fed her this food at the shelter where we adopted her and it was recommended to me by past veterinarians. She absolutely loved the food. She never had a problem digesting it or eating the kibble. Her coat was always very shiny and she had minimal shedding. It can be a little expensive but I almost always have a coupon from Science Diet and that helps keep the cost down!

Rochester, NY


Hill's Science Diet Kitten Food

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