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Hexagon lb. Dumbbells

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Not the best - but it gets the job done


The hexagon 8lb dumbbell is nothing fancy. It's black and rough. It's simple There is nothing extraordinary about it. If you're looking for a tool to do some exercises at home in you're free time, this product will work wonders. There are many different arm exercises you can do with a dumbbell to help get in shape. I used this product for awhile and it worked great. I felt like my arms were really able to get in shape. I actually ended up purchasing another dumbbell though, different brand, because the middle part of this one was extreamly rough. I developed blisters on my hands. I don't like wearing gloves when lifting weights, and it is a must with this product. The exterior will tear your hands apart. The price is reasonable for dumbbell. It seems a little expensive, but it's about average for this product. I would like it better if there was a rubber padding wrapped around the inside to help protest my hands. It will definitely last you a long time though. I don't think anything could break it or cause it to malfunction.

Oviedo, FL


Grip could have a better feel to it.


These are great for weight training, however I think there should be a little better grip to them. Maybe a rubber handle of some sort. Also the middle is really small and makes them hard to hold. Great price, but you get what you pay for. My wife has smaller hands, so they are easer for her to hold, but it does mess her hands up cuz the grip on these things suck.

Green Forest, AR


Hexagon lb. Dumbbells

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