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Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard Pavilion DV7-3080US Notebook

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Love the large screen!


The best laptop I've owned so far and my first HP. It's still got a few kinks to work out, but the large screen and fast processor has really been great. I don't use it for gaming, just regular every day stuff, but it's good for that at least! No true complaints and I like that it links well with my HP printer.



Hp Laptops are good but little noisy


I bought this HP Pavilion laptop as I wanted to upgrade from my old desktop computer, I must say the performance of this one is really amazing and im completely loving the fact it looks polished and good too. The one complaint I have is that the laptop tends to get heated and becomes little noisy most of the time, although this can only be noted if you are in a quiet environment and their is pindrop silence aournd you. Apart from this the lappy works just fine. I tried talking to the CS people about this problem and they said it just the way it is designed as the fan is located near the end of the lappy the sould may be little more prominent but its not a issue with the perfomance at all which convinved me in the end

Indianapolis, IN


Probably not the best HP laptop purchase


I bought this laptop when my fiance was in another state for the summer so we could video chat. From day one i had problems with this computer. I never did anything too serious on it just used the internet pretty much. With in the first year it stopped reading cd's, now it still had its 2 year warranty on it but when i tried to contact customer service about it they said that my computer was past the 2 year warranty (which it had only been 1 year!) i was so frustrated i dont know how something like that can be messed up but it did so they would not fix it. Then it continualy got virus after virus. My husband was pretty good with computers so he would do his best to make it work. I would never recommend a hp laptom to anyone and i will never buy one again with the problems i have had not only with the computer itself and the customer service they gave me.  Go with another brand and you will be much happier!

Santaquin, UT


Hewlett Packard Pavilion DV7-3080US Notebook

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