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Hewlett Packard LaserJet Pro All-In-One Laser Printer M1212nf

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I was avoiding these kinds of home printers in the past because I thought they were difficult to use. well the HP rep sold me on it. I love the way it prints which is better than the ink printers ive used in the past. it even prints photos ,although in black and white , it still looks great Performance I don't have any isues so for. I upgraded from my dell dimension 2350 that I purchased in 2003. I decided to go with hp this time.im printing my heart out. Copy Quality excellent even better that the ink printers that I had to keep changing often. Ink/Paper Use I print front and back to conserve on paper. I have not change the ink yet and when there is a long period of time that the printer is not in use, say a month or so, it shows no sign of inactivity like an innk printer. Ease of Use im still learing how to use it for other jobs. I don't know how to hook up the fax option. I forgot which botton is for printing unless I look at the manual. that's my lack of knowledge and has nothing to do with the unit. Durability so far so good no problems. I purchased in January 2013. Design too many bells and whistles for me. I prefer simple things but that's what to expect with an all in one machine.

New York, NY


Hewlett Packard LaserJet Pro All-In-One Laser Printer M1212nf

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