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Herr's - Hot Sauce Texas Pete Potato Chips

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Extra salty chips with zero heat.


I thought Herr's Red Hots were a salty lame excuse for a chip but Herr's had to go out and out do even that lameness with hot sauce chips feature authenic Texas Pete Hot Sauce. Texas Pete has got to be the least hot of hot sauces and Herr's has got to be the saltiest of chips. Why would anyone think putting them together would be a good idea. Why would I even try them? I could see how salty they were by looking at the nutrition information on the bag and knew they would not be hot since they were seasoned with Texas Pete. Which is basically just salty vinegar to me cause it has zero heat. I must like to complain about lousy snack items which could be the only reason I keep trying stuff like this, one of these days I am going to just say nah let someone else bear the burden of taste testing these monstrousties. Nah I cant let you suffer like that so I will press on and suffer so you do not have to, you can thank me by sending me ghost pepper sauce.

Suffolk, VA


Herr's - Hot Sauce Texas Pete Potato Chips

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