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Hawaiian Tropic
Hawaiian Tropic Maximum Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 40

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Works like a charm


This is one of the better sunscreen products - it blocks the harmful rays effectively while not irritating the skin. The lotion needs to be renewed a little more often as compared to some other sports products but over all it is a better feel. The Spf 40 is stronger than the Spf 15 or 30 and it is fluid enough for it to be easy to spread.

New York, NY


I love how Hawaiian Tropic is effective and smells great!


I have tried many suncreens, and Hawaiian Tropic is by far my favorite.  It lasts a long time without needing to reapply - even if you get wet.  I also LOVE how it doesn't smell like typical rather smells like mildly fragrant coconut lotion.  I am always willing to pay a little bit extra for this product because I truly believe it is worth the money.

Sonora, CA


Hawaiian Tropic Maximum Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 40

4.0 2