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Hart Toys
Hart Toys Moon Shoes

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Fun but difficult to get the hang of.


My kids have never really been too enthusiastic about these things. I bought both of them a pair of these and they just seemed too difficult for them to use. I will say, I was impressed with the large number of replacement straps that came with it, so that when the "bounce" starts to give out, you can easily swap out the straps for new ones and be right back to bouncing. I wish my kids had been more enthusiastic about them.

Lincoln, NE


Moon shoes "What a joke"


These you love them or hate them. I had intended on purchasing for my children I have five wild outgoing children. I thouht this would be fantastik to keep them busy while having fun and taking away their energy I thought wrong. I never got a chance to buy because my lovely sister bought one pair for my five children to share yea right! Well I can say thank god she only bought one pair because they have been awful to have they are very lond made of hard plastic with rubber bands that don't seem very secure. There's a picture next  the product showing a girl jumping so false she had to have been jumping from a trampoline because these don't give you height at all no matter what you do. My kids are all light weights at that. They seem very interesting to look at but thats it. I Would save your money on these this year. go and get a trampoline because that would be safer. Oh one more thing when jumping its very possible to sprain or even break your foot, ankle, leg no joke. I threw mine away I would never give as a gift or give away free, knowing what can happen. Please take my advise.     

Memphis, TN


Rocket to the moon!


I actually "scored" these shoes at a bargain at our local thrift store recently.  The kids had mentioned wanting them a couple of times but we just never did purchase any.  My daughter whi is 7 paid for them with her own money so technically they are hers but she was glad to share them with her 4 and 12 year old brothers when we got home.  They are too small for my 12 year old and almost too big for the youngest.  They are perfect for the 7 year old and I would recommend them for about ages 6-11.  We have never had any accidents or dangerous incidents so far. I never even thought of letting her try them on the grass so we'll have to try that out real soon!  I give them a thumbs up!  We didn't have to put them together so that's a plus since it sounds like it was pretty time consuming.  These seem to be loads of fun and hopefully they will continue to bring my kids enjoyment and they won't get injured on them!

Dutton, AL


The Hart Toys Moon Shoes are AMAZING!


We purchased these for our 8 year old daughter at Christmas. She LOVES them!! She has had so much fun playing on them and getting lots of great exercise. She has fallen a few times, but we stay on the grass so she hasn't been hurt. I definitely recommend the moon shoes for hours of heart healthy fun!

Dunedin, FL


My daughter loves these moon shoes


My daughter is 12 and still loves these moon shoes.  She has a blast on them.  She can't hurt herself because of how wide they are, so no injuries so far anyway.  It keeps her busy for hours, especially when friends are over using them.

Mifflinville, PA


Kids will jump for this one!


Kids need toys to be able to get all their energy out. I'm a big believer in educational games however i know as a kid i was jumping and playing around. these moon shoes are just perfect. let your child play on them for a good 10-15 mintes they'll take a nice nap after that.

North Smithfield, RI


Reach for the Stars


It was great fun to watch my boys jumping around on their moon shoes, although it took me a while to put the giant rubberbands in the right spots, it was a joy to see them feel like they ere on top of the world!  We first did a trial run in the house, to see how their balance was on these moon shoes, and once they seemed confident enough, I sent them out into the backyard on the grass.  They played together for a good 30 minutes before they needed a break.  They were fun, but take caution to make sure your child has the right balancing skills.  I recommend a grassy area where they can fall and not get hurt.

Evansville, WY


Jump to the moon


I got my seven and nine year old daughters each a pair of these for Christmas.  I could tell that they were potentially dangerous, so after putting them together, I had them practice walking in them on the carpet before jumping.  After they got used to them, they had an easy time bouncing around and loved them.  It is eight months later, and they still love them.  My older daughter has broken a few rubber bands, but there are plenty of extra ones in the box.  A couple words of advice: 1. have the kids get used to them on the carpet before taking them outside 2. helmets and sturdy shoes should be word at all times 3. Parents, stay close to the kids just in case 4.  No bouncing on grass or uneven ground  

Grants Pass, OR


Hart Toys Moon Shoes

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