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Harman Kardon
Harman Kardon - Multimedia Speaker System

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Great speaker product


Though a bit dated now, these harman/kardon speakers are reasonable priced for the quality it brings. They are two speakers that fit on your desktop using the standard 5mm input. It does need its own power supply, and on the front provides a 5mm jack that allows you to put your headphones when you don't want to have speakers on. Testing a headphones through harman/kardon and directly connected to the computer shows no noticable difference, so they're good for anyone that wants to just plug in front of their computer without needing to go to the back of the computer case. They provide the traditional stereo sound, and a knob for finer control of volume. It lights up when the speakers are on, and can be turned off by turning the volume knob all the way down with a audable click. There is a tone knob, but I don't know what it does; it never really did anything for me when I fiddled around with it. Overall, this is a decent set of cheap speakers.

San Jose, CA


The very reliable Harman/Kardon Multimedia Speaker System


A very nice speaker system for just about anything you need speakers to. From computers, to mp3 players (that you plan to leave stationary, of course)  Right now I have them hooked up to my work computer.  What I love is that it has Bass and Treble knobs to control your sound output.  Putting them at opposite ends of the desk, I receive fantastic sterio sound quality.  They also have a headphone jack right on the speakers themselves in case they are necessary.  Very nice range of volume.  I've had no problem with static at all.  They are completely sturdy and self-sufficient.  The only downside that I can see is that they are bulky.  They are definately not for travel.  I can't really tell you how old mine are since I received them second hand, but they work perfectly.  Sub-woofer options on the back panel.  They come with a AC15V electrical cord hookup.  These really are the best speakers I've owned so far. 

Elgin, IL


Harman Kardon - Multimedia Speaker System

3.5 2