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Handy Can Opener

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My tired hands love this!!!!


I have only great things to say about this can opener! I just put it on top of the can, push the button, and watch it go. What could be easier?

Raleigh NC




I had the same problem most of you had it just stopped working... Tried switching to new batteries and also tried turning it clockwise/counter-clockwise but nothing. After, reading someone's review I figured out how to fix the problem/reset it!!! Was so happy that I didn't have to buy a new one so I have to share! So, there's a "magnetic button" in the middle all you do is place another magnet on top of it while pressing the start button and it should start working automatically! Fixing your magnetic problem and now it will have contact to your cans! If that alone doesn't make it work your blade is stuck so you have to take that extra step and do the counter-clockwise steps while still having a magnet on top of the "magnetic button" this will dislodge the blade and get it to work! Now, test it out on any can should work everytime!

Austin, Tx


Easy to use handy can opener


My wife loved her easy can opener until the batteries went dead in the middle of opening a can. I couldn't get it off the can, but I did manage to get the battery compartment door off and was able to change one battery and that was enough to finish the job. Then I could replace both batteries and all is good again.

Mineola, TX




I have two of these. The first one lasted a few years, and I loved it. It just stopped working as if the batteries were dead, but fresh batteries did not solve the problem. So, a few months ago, I purchased another. The same thing has happened with this one but after only a few months.



A very good can opener to have. Very handy.


I loved this can opener and want another one. It stopped working and couldn't get to work again even with new batteries. Durability It did last a long time but couldn't get it working again even with new batteries. Design My hands were not strong after a stroke and it was easier to use than conventional can openers.



It needs a release button in case lid becomes jammed.


Although I like using the handy can-opener, I think the battery compartment should be on top, in case batteries go dead during use, and you can replace them and continue using it. I also think there should be a release button in case the lids become jammed when batteries do go dead.

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Very easy to use once you know the quirks


The Handy Can-Opener, although punctuated badly, is a snap to use as long as you know its little quirks. Simply place the apparatus over the can, with the metal parts that do the job positioned properly. Hit the button on the top. The opener will begin to work around the outside of the can, with the can doing a jerky little dance to keep time. When the top pops off, don't try to wrest the lid out of the mechanism--it's just not quite done yet. The next thing that will happen is that the wheel will retract; it will take another 10 seconds or so. If, like 2 of the previous reviewers, the can opener suddenly seems to give up the ghost, the magnetic button in the center bottom has probably gotten stuck drawn into the machine. My husband realized this was the problem when he decided to try holding a magnet to the button and then hitting the power button. When he realized this was the problem he simply opened the can with the small magnet in place below the can opener's magnetic button and after that the opener has worked fine.

Lima, OH


doesn't work


i have tried several batteries, i do not have instructions (except on the side of opener which is confusing)  the opener worked on christmas day and not since then.  i would really like to get another one since it was a gift but I cant find another one and really feel i should not be charged for a replacement.

Edgewater, FL


Easy and neat


I received this can-opener as a gift and thought it an odd choice. That is until I used it. It is nice and small (fits into a silverware drawer) very easy to use and quiet! It cuts the whol lid off the can so no sharp edges. All you do is put it on top of the can, hit the button and away it goes. It finds the edge itself, makes the TOTAL cut and then shuts off by itself. It works on batteries so no messy cords and lasts a long time. This was the sleeper gift that wound up being one of the best I have ever received!

Spencerport, NY


Handy Can Opener

3.9 9