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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

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Timeless Coffee Grinder


This coffee grinder has a good motor and it grinds my coffee down to a fine espresso. One nice feature about the grinder is that the base of it has a cord wind up for easier storage. As far as durability I have dropped mine a few times and it still works even thought the plastic lid is cracked, it still works. Compared to other grinders with preset timers, this one lacks that convenience. You have to do a mental count while grinding your beans. I dislike this because Im usually half asleep when making my coffee and sometimes I over grind it and then my coffee is like a fluffy powder and I end up getting stronger coffee than desired. Also if you over grind it is difficult to get out. It does have a removalable container to pour your coffee into your storage container or you can remove it to clean it as well. Overall it is a good product and it gets the job done, but it would be a better product with the timer and ground settings.

Toledo, OH


Very good coffee grinder


This coffee grinder does exactly what it was made to do. It does a great job of grinding coffee beans. I found it easy to use. It was also easy to clean. The blade is very sharp and seems to maintain it's sharpness very well. The price is affordable. It's attractive design allows you to leave it on your counter.



Quiet, Powerful, and Easy Clean up!


Awesome! I am so happy with this machine! The grinding chamber pops out for complete cleaning, and it's super-quiet. I bought one for spices and one for coffee, and am thoroughly impressed, especially for the price!

Castro Valley, CA


Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

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