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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Beach Wave Crusher 8-Speed Blender

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Great blender. Does a good job.


I've had the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher for more than one year and so far it's completely satisfactory. I mostly use it to make smoothies. Although it's a little noisy, it doesn't have to run for very long to get the job done, so the noise isn't a problem. I'm pleased that it will quickly blend fruits to make smooth, healthy drinks. It's also easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this blender to friends for this price.





This is the best blender ever! I got it as a Christmas present last year after asking for a blender for a long time. I loved to make smoothies but my old blender broke years ago. Then I finally got this. This is a great blender for anything, smoothies, crushing ice or even chopping. It has a great design, so I love to put it out on my counter. I like the different speed options and the dial to turn to them. The blender works great, it definitely has some power and it doesn't take long to get to the consistency that I want. There is even a spot to pour out my drinks. This blender works great and I love it so much. If you are looking for a good blender, this is it!



The Hamilton Beach 58142R Blender Has Questionable Durability


We got the Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach Wave-Action® 8 Speed Blender about two months ago because our old stand-by Oster blender died.  We use our blender every morning to make smoothies so I was looking for a good workhorse that could blend ice.  The blender jar is glass which is rare in lower priced blenders (usually they make them plastic).  Also I like the small 'spout' in the lid which is very convenient for adding ingredients while blending.  The lid also has little vents which come in handy when blending hot soup so steam can escape.    The HB Wave Action 8 is strong enough to make the smoothies (so far) but emits a noticeable 'burning rubber' smell after we add the ice to the smoothies and I can tell the motor is really working hard (it is just fine blending fruit and milk).  I realize many people do not use their blenders daily but I am keeping the receipt for this one because I am not 100% sure it will make it through the year without burning out the motor.  I also do not notice much difference in power between the settings.  That said, for occasional use this is not a horrible value for the money but I do not think I would but it again.  

Orinda, CA


Hamilton Beach Beach Wave Crusher 8-Speed Blender

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