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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 50171 10-Speed Blender

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Food Processor in Blender Form


I received this blender as a housewarming gift from a friend so, honestly, I'm thankful for it but, it's really no more useful then my food processor (hence the title). I wasn't holding out for much though, as my luck with Hamilton Beach products seems very hit-or-miss. But a free gift is a free gift so I decided to give it a shot. It says it's ten-speed but, try as I might, and with various fruits, liquids, and sometimes veggies, I can't seem to get more out of it than "fast, hard blending" or "not-as-fast, hard blending". I give it a 5 primarily because it's lasted longer than I thought it would and honestly, it still makes a decent smoothie (sans ice). It ONLY gets a 5 because, if you were to add that ice into that smoothie, expect nothing but shucked around chunks. For blending mainly liquids, in a heartbeat, it's decent and basically performs the job. For anything more complex or substantial, go the extra mile and buy something a little better.



I loved this until


Purchased this item used 1 time when I went to use it the second time the motor actually started smoking. Tried to return it could not because I did not have the box. Contacted the company by e mail still have heard nothing from them. Will not buy any of their products ever again!



Hamilton Beach 50171 10-Speed Blender

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