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Haier Portable Air Conditioner

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can't live without it


This baby Haier CPN12XC9 Portable Air Conditioner keeps your home at no less than Sixty degrees all year round no matter how hot it is outside. The best part is that you can move it with you to whatever room you want it to since it's portable. It comes with a remote of course. Use it on a Sunday afternoon watching your favorite sports and or movie. I know that what I am about to say makes no sense, but I even take this baby with me to the bathroom that's right; think about it when you shave and it is one hundred degrees outside it is very hard to shave while you are sweating so yes I bring my Haier CPN12XC9 Portable Air Conditioner to the bathroom with me and sit it right next to me and I take my sweet time shaving try it before you judge me. In conclusion I just want to say that if you love something you should be able to take with you where ever you go...

Wingdale, NY


Depends on your situation


We moved into a condo for the summer while my husband was required to relocate for an internship... To Arizona. The air conditioning in the place we are renting barely works and the owner will not fix it. I'm pregnant so we opted to buy one, we can always keep it as a back up but I would never use this as a normal air conditioning but I can unplug it to use less electricity, I can move it while my daughter is wandering and it stores easily. On the downside, it doesn't span the entire length of the condo so we end up moving it daily to different areas. Often we feel like we are almish huddling around a fireplace in January.  If you can buy a built in unit I would because it wouldn't take up the space on the floors. Again, I would never buy one for a house I would live in permanently but it is a great back up or unit for a college student or young renter who can't bear the heat of the summers! 

Broomfield, CO


great for the summer


i live in an area where there is hardly a day that goes by without very high temperatures. i spent a lot of money on this air conditioner because i had heard that it does a very good job cooling the rooms of a home. i am very pleased with the results because i know have a very comfortable home. the air conditioner is quiet and the look of the conditioner is very modern as well. i wish that it was lighter and easier to move from room to room because it is quiet heavy for me to lift without help from my husband. this haier air conditioner cools the room very fast and i can notice the difference within a matter of minutes. i like that i don't have to use the central air conditioning because it can get very expensive in the summer heat and this unit from haier saves me money. the buttons are easy to control and my kids are able to turn it on by themselves in order to keep themselves cool in the heat.

Oakdale, CT


Does not cool efficiently


Was not to impressed with output of machine. We have one in our bedroom and one in the living room. During the day we position the one in the bedroom to hit the kitchen with a fan pulling out cool air. Still about 82 degrees according to thermostat. Central unit still kicks on. We bought them because our ductwork needs repaired. We also bought a window unit for my daughters room and run a fan toward the living room to pull coolair into the living room. Not impressed at all.

Hickory, KY


Haier Portable Air Conditioner

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