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Haier HL32XSL2 32 in. LCD TV

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Good for the price


Good for the money. Only problem is the delay in turn on/off time. Picture quality is decent for the price as well. Adding additional components to it is very simple. And easy to switch to different components (gaming systems, dvd player, etc. ) Sound could improve. Must keep it on at least 34 to hear it ( only goes to 55).



Great step up from a CRT TV


Got this Haier 32-inch TV to replace an old CRT Toshiba model. Needless to say, I was moving up, way up! Just the fact that it weighs about 1/10th of what my old TV did made it worth it. The picture is bright, though it can appear low resolution when you are very close to it, but that's much closer than anyone would sit for actual viewing anyway. I dislike that the remote control doesn't seem to have a "guide" function like my old digital-to-analog converter box did, so in one way that's a large downgrade from what I was used to with my ten-year-old television set. This television is a great value for the price, though. While I was leery of this unfamiliar brand, quality seems good.

Chicago, IL


Haier HL32XSL2 32 in. LCD TV

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