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Built-In Dishwashers
Haier Built-in Dishwasher

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sufficient for small use


I had decided to purchase this dishwasher, and I have been very happy with it. I don't usually have a lot of dishes to wash, so mostly getting it for the time that I don't feel like washing dishes. This isn't a big disherwasher so don't expect it to do magic. If you have more than 3 people in the household, or just produce a lot of dishes over time, I would suggest other bigger ones. This is great for one room house, or dorm rooms. This can be connected to a faucet and drains into sink. So make sure you have a sink! This isn't a very loud dishwasher, not quiet either. It has three cycle washing and drying mode. It doesn't have fancy lcd screen that comes with the top models, but who really needs it anyway. For personal use, I think this is great. It's not too heavy for moving, and can fit in most places. It does leave some residuals after wash however, but I really haven't seen one that doesn't, even with the expensive one.

Adams, NY


Eh ok


   I'm not sure why this says built in but the picture shows the one that I had, the countertop dishwasher. The quality wasn't very good, it broke after a year and quit working completely. Never actually did work very well in the first place. It leaked, and was acutally very hard to figure out how to use. The manual didn't help much either in trying to figure it out.    It didn't clean dishes well, and was so small it was a pain to try to fit anything into it. I really just got this to help with all the baby bottles but had to pre rinse them all and still clean them afterwards. Says it fits 4 place settings, but definately does not if you want them at all clean.    It was hard to hook up and had to be placed very close to the sink in order for hoses to reach. If you're considering a portable dishwasher I would go with a danby instead of this kind, it's worked much better and fits a ton more.

Butte, MT


Worked great for years, alas no more


I live in an apartment. The apartment did not come with a dishwasher. Meanwhile I love to cook and hate to clean. I especially hate cleaning dirty dishes.  Enter: this Haier countertop dishwasher. The person we got it from used it for more than two years and loved it. Unfortunately, it only had about seven months life left in it when we got it. But what a great seven months those were! This tiny dishwasher (fits in the space a microwave might take up with some added height) really gets the job done. It was easy to use and our dishes came out clean every time. For two people, this loads a just-right amount of dishes. There were some downsides, however. For starters, our vintage sink required a special adaptor from the hardware store that was a big pain to find. We also were unable to use our large dinner plates in the washer as they were just a bit too tall to fit. Same goes for lots of pots and pans. But it is what it is and overall a pretty good machine. I just wish it hadn't broken.

Pine Bluff, AR


Haier Built-in Dishwasher

3.7 3