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HTC 7 Trophy (8 GB) Smartphone

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Great Phone


The layout of this phone is fantastic. Everything is easy to find and easy to use. There are plenty of opportunities to personalize the phone. You can change the theme to many different colors, and change the background of it from black to white. Even though I have dropped the phone many times, it has not broken and the screen has not cracked. I love it. However, the camera is not the best and the screen is very susceptible to liquid damage. Voice Quality Voice quality is very good. Very clear. Battery Life The battery lasts me all day even with texting, playing music, searching the internet, and talking, but has to be charged every night. Durability I have dropped it many times, and it has not broken. However, the screen is very susceptible to water damage. With the use of a case, it is very durable. Ease of Use The phone is super easy to use. Nothing is hard to find or operate. Design I love the concept of the moveable boxes on the homepage.



The Verizon version is awesome


If you want to be blown away by a simple interface, go Windows Phone. In all honesty, the interface is so simple that it lends itself into helping you accomplish so much. The Live Tiles make a lot of sense when you want to get information at a glance. This phone also rarely ever crashes. I think for all the time that I owned it i may have only had to pull the battery out twice to fix a frozen screen. That's impressive.

Greenville, SC


HTC 7 Trophy (8 GB) Smartphone

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